You may very well know the name "Treyway," quite possibly due to 6ix9ine's Pokemon-esque cries. What you might not know, however, is that Treyway Entertainment is actually the record company behind the rainbow-haired wonder. Plus, it also happens to be the name of the Nine Trey Gangsters, a sect of Bloods that 6ix9ine pledges loyalty to. In short, the Treyway movement is multi-faceted, and the man behind it, CEO Shotti, has been enjoying the spoils. While he largely operates behind the scenes, Shotti has emerged to share a few thoughts on Kanye West's internet-wounding meeting with American President Donald Trump.

Unlike the majority of his peers in the entertainment industry, Shotti has adopted a particularly pro-Kanye stance, for one reason in particular."Kanye West is not crazy," says Shotti. "He sat in front of the president of the united states and said 'free Larry Hoover.' Ya'll n****s is pussy!  He said 'free Larry Hoover' to Donald Trump, and ya'll n***s is mad at him?" He signs off with some harsh words, saying "any celebrity coming at Kanye West is stupid!"

Larry Hoover, whose name you may recall from Rick Ross' guttural utterances, currently serves a life sentence for his role in leading Chicago street gang the Gangster Disciples. In 1993, Hoover seemed to have undergone a change of heart, and proceeded to host charitable events for his community. During his meeting with Donald Trump, Kanye spoke about Larry Hoover, channeling the old Jay-Z & Snoop Dogg defense of "he is I, and I am him."

"And really, the reason why they imprisoned [Larry Hoover] is because he started doing positive for the community. He started showing that he actually had power, that he wasn't just one of a monolithic voice, but he could wrap people around. So there's theories that there's infinite amounts of universe and there's alternate universe. So it's very important for me to get Hoover out, because in an alternate universe, I am him. And I have to go and get him free because he was doing positive inside of Chicago, just like how I'm moving back to Chicago and it's not just about, you know, getting on stage and being an entertainer and having a monolithic voice that’s forced to be a specific party."

- Kanye West on Larry Hoover