It seems we may have a battle of who can one-up the other going on right now. Yesterday, Travis Scott announced the official release date for the long-awaited Astroworld, noting that we'll receive it on August 3. Today, Lil Uzi Vert threw his hat in the game, showing off the potential album art for his rumored project Eternal Atake. An hour has gone by and Travis Scott is taking back the sunshine, revealing his own album art for Astroworld and it's as great as you would expect. 

Uncovering the art on Instagram, Trav shared his album cover for his millions of supporters to check out. Of course, his plan was well-calculated all along because the massive gold heads we've been seeing pop up on some of America's biggest landmarks (think Amoeba Music, Magic City, and Times Square) are making an appearance in the artwork. La Flame is essentially creating his own amusement park, showing a family walking into the inflatable version of his head on their way to Astroworld. In the forefront, two children stand with popcorn as one jumps in excitement, ready to take a trip to the mystical land Cactus Jack has promised.

The now-defunct Astroworld amusement park in Houston was used in the official trailer video and it's no surprise that the recording artist would continue playing on the theme park vibe for his cover. Does the artwork live up to your expectations?

Update: Travis has shared a second album cover as well, this time at night where the freaks come out (see below).