At this point, Travis Scott has hit a level of cultural ubiquity that allows him to sell just about anything, like sneakersfast food, and even IMAX tickets during a global pandemic.

It's no surprise then, that he may be joining a long list of rappers with their own lines of alcohol beverages

In the recently unveiled video for "Franchise," Travis raps "Cactis, not no iced tea" around the 1:06 mark, wearing a headband emblazoned with a Cacti logo as he holds up a can with the same logo on it. 

During Young Thug's verse, around the 1:57 mark, he flashes a Cacti box so fast, you probably missed it on initial viewings. The drink is appareently 7% alcohol and is either pineapple or lime flavoured, if not a mixture of the two. 

He also put the logo on a billboard in a recent IG post promoting the new song, with plenty of cans visible.

It seems Travis had been teasing Cacti in plain sight long before "Franchise" came out. He posted a picture with Tenet director Christopher Nolan a few weeks ago to announce the song he had made for the film, but it seems like everyone missed the subtle announcement on his hat.

The way it's looking, whatever Cacti pans out to be, we're sure Travis will have no problem moving units.