Kylie Jenner is not that respected among a more general entertainment fanbase. Of course, there are Kardashian stans that will always vouch for her but a large number of folks will shun anything that the family does. Despite Kylie becoming a billionaire make-up mogul and her boyfriend Travis Scott levelling up his own career to morph into one of the most successful artists of this generation, Jenner still gets hated on all the time. Her comments section is an absolute mess with haters calling her out for editing her photos to appear more visually appealing. While she doesn't always deserve the backlash, this time, the public has a point.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

In a cute new couple photo posted to social media, Kylie Jenner hugs Travis Scott on the side of their luxury car... which just so happens to be parked in a disabled spot. Through the passenger side window, you can see that the placement of the spot is reserved for individuals with disabilities, not allowing able-bodied people to use the parking place. That didn't faze Kylie and Travis though as they seemingly mosied on with their day plans, leaving their car in the spot and risking a ticket.

Fans have been commenting on the shot with rage, asking her which of the two entertainers are handicapped. Perhaps this was an honest mistake but still, you should always check where you're parking. There is no excuse to use a disabled spot when you're fully able-bodied like Travis and Kylie.

Ironically enough, Kylie referred to her man as her "partner in crime" in this very post. Some things are just too good to be true.