For a second, we were headed into scandalous territory when Kylie Jenner allegedly accused Travis Scott of cheating on her. The rap star had been on tour for much of last year, continuing his Astroworld run into 2019 and trying to fit in as much family time as he could. When Kylie reportedly found a few flirty messages in Trav's phone, she got worried and thought the worst of the situation. After all, she just gave birth to their daughter last year so it would be terrible to be going through a cheating scandal so soon into their family life. Now that the two have had time to talk it out, they appear to have figured things out and are back to being as solid as ever. Kylie Jenner made sure to show as much on her social media profiles, straddling her man during a "baecation."

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The billionaire sipped from a wine glass while in the water with her boyfriend Travis Scott, enjoying a little time away from home. They shared an intimate moment when they leaned in for a kiss and, as usual, the cameras were there to pick up every little moment. Who exactly is the third wheel standing in the pool next to them with a camera? Will we ever find out? Regardless of that fact, it looks like the couple is back to being happy in love, enjoying time together before the next string of tour dates and makeup ventures.

Are you happy to see these two back together?