Travis Scott's Astroworld Tour is rounding to a close, and the rapper is about to have more free time on his hands than he's had in a while. The 27-year-old rapper is enjoying the heights of success, but it's reported that his relationship with billionaire girlfriend Kylie Jenner has been adversely affected. While he's topping the charts and she's continuing to solidify her mogul status, the money-making lovers are having trouble creating space for family time.

“Travis flew to L.A. in the middle of the night to spend time with Kylie," a source told People. "Kylie was very excited to see him. Things are great when they are together. Again, it’s just very difficult for Kylie when Travis tours.” Kylie hinted that the two may be spending some time away as she posted a photo of herself with baby Stormi on a yacht with the caption, "Missing this."

TMZ reports that the hip hop, Hollywood couple are planning a family vacation where they can step away from the limelight and distractions. There have been rumors of cheating allegations and passionate arguments, but the immensely private couple have kept their relationship issues, if there are any, close to the chest.

The two were recently spotted running around L.A. with Stormi after leaving Nas' restaurant Sweet Chick, avoiding the cameras at every turn. Meanwhile, Travis never misses a beat when it comes to showing love for his woman, as he was spotted rocking his Kylie t-shirt during a performance and flirting with her on Instagram by dropping loving emojis in the comments.