Miguel isn't the most prolific artist in R&B, but he's one of the most inimitable. As he's become an undeniable fashion icon and sex-symbol, he's still managed to evolve his sound with each subsequent record, sounding like the second-coming of Prince-- less dancey, but more sexy. He's an artist of his own breed, which is why we don't see him on features as much as most R&B artists, who get more hype off their guest appearances on rap albums than on their solo work. 

When he does lend out his vocals, though, they're a welcome breath into a genre that, today, struggles to churn out slow jams without serious help from its friendly neighbor, rhythm & blues. In anticipation of Miguel's upcoming album, which sadly (or maybe not), only includes one rapping feature, we've rounded up Miguel's best forays into the hip-hop world.