One week after getting into a very serious car accident, Precious Harris has passed away. T.I.'s older sister has been on life support ever since the accident and she has not been responsive. According to her daughter, she has died.

"From my bestfriend on earth to My beautiful angel in heaven," wrote Precious' daughter according to TMZ. "I love you so much. I’m so heartbroken but the way you looked so @ peace this past week has confirmed that you are resting... no more asthma attacks... damn but baby I am going to miss you."

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

T.I. has been praying on social media, hoping that his sister could make it through. The rapper was very close with Precious, often spending time with her and his partner Tiny. He is said to be "devastated" over her passing. Tip and Tiny shut down production on their reality show so that they could focus on Precious, being by her side and wishing her well as they hoped she could recover. Precious was often on the show and it will be very different without her on our screens. The entire family is obviously heartbroken over her death. 

Precious Harris was 66-years-old. She is said to have crashed her car into a pole before having a serious asthma attack. She was taken to the ICU and never recovered. R.I.P. Precious.