There have been ongoing conversations regarding whether or not Hip Hop will see a new House wave takeover thanks to two major artists. Beyoncé and Drake have sparked several discussions about artists tapping into dance music after the pair released "Break My Soul" and Honestly, Nevermind, respectively. While Drizzy took quite a few hits regarding his surprise record, Beyoncé has received wide praise for her latest effort. 

Unsurprisingly, several of Beyoncé's peers have praised "Break My Soul" on social media, and the singer's mother, Tina Lawson, added her voice to the celebrations by emphasizing the single's underlying message of empowerment.

"Tell all the Negative People In Your life . You Won't Break My Soul," she wrote on Instagram. Then, Lawson seemingly snuck in a challenge that could take off online if followed. "'Looking for Motivation, New Foundation, New Vibrations Building my own Foundation' New Challenge get cute and dance extra hard and Look dead in the camera until someone 'you won't break my soul' It feels so good !!![red heart emojis][fire emojis]."

In a video, Ms. Tina also delivered a similar message before playing her daughter's new hit while showing off her dance moves. "Break My Soul" is the first single from Beyoncé's highly-anticipated forthcoming album, Renaissance.

Check out Ms. Tina below.