Tiffany Evans shocked her fans when she revealed that had been dealing with the turmoil of an abusive relationship. Her former romantic partner had subjected her to both physical and emotional pain to a breaking point. The singer sought to free herself from the situation through bravery and honesty. Now, Evans is rolling out her next project, which she claims to have crafted with unprecedented fierceness.

Her previous projects included tracks she loved, but she admits that they were not offered from her true core: "I was not ready to do that then, but I am so ready now. And that is the major difference, my energy toward that is a major 'f**k what anybody has to say, f**k whose feelings I'm going to get hurt.'"

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The songstress dished about the creative process that led to her latest single "Switch Up." The song is said to have been born out of a "big ass freestyle," egged on by Evans' writing partner and their engineer.

We set this studio in the living room, in their apartment. I started to talk about the sh*t that I was going through and I was like, "You know what, I'm f**king done, I'm ready to open up, I'm ready to go off.” I drank some wine, and we all just started drinking and talking. The more that we talked, the more we started getting into the actual track. Then eventually it turned into a freestyle. I started going over the record over and just laying sh*t down—one line here, one line there. We didn't write one thing down, everything was popping up in our heads. It was like, "You know what, I want to say this." I kept up with the melody and it turned into "Switch Up." 

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Although she has a lot of anger left on her chest, Tiffany is hopefully working towards forgiving those who have wronged her during recent trials. 

I do believe I have tasted bitterness on my tongue and the first part of my healing is me admitting to that truth and not being afraid to say, “this is where I am.” I never want to hate anybody and I never wanted to hurt anybody, regardless of what they have done to me. I just know that it definitely changed me and I do believe that eventually if I distance myself the way that I'm doing and I stay to myself and continue to do what I need to do for my healing, then it will end in forgiveness, but that does not mean that those same people or that same person has to be in my life for me to forgive them.

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