Tiffany Evans has been keeping a low profile on the music scene for the past couple of years. As she gets ready to release new music, the singer is taking the opportunity to lift a burden off her shoulders. Evans shared a shocking photo to her following and revealed details about an abusive relationship she has escaped from. The violent person remains unnamed, though some people are assuming her baby's father, Lorenzo Henderson, is the one at fault.

Holes busted through a well are pictured in the upsetting post. Her caption specifies the context in which they were formed, explaining how the photo represents the main reason that led to her leaving the relationship. Her former partner was both physically and emotionally abusive.

"What I'm not going to do is suffer in silence because this man don't wanna let me go. Yes this is tonight. The black eyes, the busted lips, the countless harassment, the cheating, the lying, I've endured for years and so much sh*t on my name because of this man."

Tiffany has since removed the post from her page. The most recent uploads on her feed concern her upcoming releases. She teased a new single due for release November 9.