DaBaby's recent freestyle performance on an LA Leakers' broadcast left a measurable impression on everyone that saw it, T.I. included. In keeping with his extroverted ways on social media, the ATL legend jumped on Insta to sing his praises, and in the process, wound up extending him an invitation to collaborate.

T.I.'s proclamation went a something like this. "My Boi Eatin on dis HO!!! @dababy Think It’s bout time to get in da blender & put that shit to the test young 1," he posted on Instagram. TIP also included the abridged version of DaBaby's on-air performance to back his claims.

In recent years, T.I. has shown a willingness to work with different kinds of artists, and the North Carolina rapper is no different. In our exclusive interview with DaBaby earlier this month, DaBaby expressed an interest in working with whoever, whenever, so long as they met "Six Flag height requirements" to climb aboard the Ferris wheel.

DaBaby's Interscope debut Baby on Baby places him at the forefront of North Carolina's rap scene, up there with J. Cole and the Dreamworld benchmark that was set not so long ago. As you'll notice, DaBaby raps with the same confidence he conveys in a more convivial setting. T.I. wasn't lying when he said Baby was "out here "eatin on dis HO!"  Would a potential link-up with TIP be of any interest to you, hit us with your thoughts?