If the much-maligned movie Baby Geniuses taught us anything, it's that babies would indeed one day run the game. Clearly, the flick was on to something, as today's hip-hop landscape runs rampant with countless Babies. Baby, Sada Baby, Bhad Bhabie, Lil Baby, and of course, North Carolina spitter DaBaby. While many Babies have proven themselves worthy of merit, DaBaby has won hearts through his refreshing blend of comedy, braggadocio, and respect for some of the game's prominent lyricists. Now, the North Carolina rapper has hit up the LA Leakers' studio to lay down a few bars. 

Image via HNHH

Taking to City Girls' "Act Up" instrumental, DaBaby wastes little time in setting it off. "Baby On Baby hardest shit out," he prefaces, before tackling the beat with a confidently baritone cadence. "I'm in a different bracket from rappers, these n***as can't relate," he spits, showcasing a strong mastery of his flow, "don't make me get to slappin' these rappers give em a change of face, made so many racks off of trappin' say I was slangin' weight."

Check out DaBaby's full freestyle below, and hit the comment section with your thoughts. Has DaBaby won you over, or is there work yet to be done? Be sure to check out his recent drop, Baby On Baby, right here.