With the controversy surrounding Young Thug's Barter Six heating up every day, most Southern rappers have been wise to stay removed from any alleged beef between Thug and Lil Wayne. A guy who's shown Thug past, and current, support is ATL legend T.I., who recently put out "Bankrolls On Deck" with Thug and the rest of Bankroll Mafia. Thugga is affiliated with both Bankroll and Grand Hustle, though we can't say to what extent exactly.

T.I. recently phoned in to DJ Whoo Kid's "The Whoolywood Shuffle", and Whoo asked him where he stood on the controversy surrounding Barter Six. The Grand Hustle boss plays it safe, admitting he asked Thugga, "heeey, bro, what you doin'?", and Thugga replied saying that the album title is (was?) just his way of paying homage. 

Now that Thugga's decided to release the album in Weezy's own Hollygrove, can we still call it homage? 

T.I. also confirms he does, in fact, have a record on Barter Six, and says he and Thug have recorded enough material to release a joint-album.

However much foul-play's involved in the release, it's definitely gonna be worth a listen. 

Bold move of Tip to appear on B6

Listen to the full interview below.