Two kings of trap music are arguably T.I and Jeezy. The two of them had a massive influence in the way trap music came out in the mid-2000's and are two figures that undoubtedly had an influence on the current generation of hip hop, period. Now, back in 2014, the two of them announced they'd be dropping a collaborative project together titled Dope Boy Academy. While they promised it's release, it hasn't seen the light of day. Not that we could really blame them, the two have been busy on their own careers. However, T.I. and Jeezy are still gunning to drop the project.

For anyone who's a fan of either fan, just know they haven't forgot about you. T.I. recently spoke to Billboard where he revealed that he's eager to get cracking on the project.

"I just wanna go and get started," he told them, "You know, me and Young, we tend to go back and forth because Young, he does a lot of contemplating, which is very good, because that's how you come up with the best ideas, but I just move. I'm ready to go."

There's no doubt that they've been busy in their own rights. Jeezy also spoke to Billboard in another interview from a month a go where he explained what exactly was holding the project back. He said that at the time of the announcement, they were really on it. However, due to the fact that Jeezy went on tour and T.I. got caught up in other commitments, the project got put on hold. Jeezy said the idea of a movie was spoken on that would also be accompanied by a soundtrack.

T.I. told them that he's not against the idea in any means. The only issue that he has with it is that it would take much longer to create a movie with a soundtrack than it would be with an album.

"A movie could take us a year to do and get the script right and get everything together. You can't just throw it together, whereas with the album, I feel like we can finish in a week. This was my argument. But for as long as it's taking us to do this album, we might as well have done a movie," he said.

So hopefully, with the idea still lodged in both rappers heads, maybe Dope Boy Academy may see the light of day in the near future.