Folks are always messing with T.I. because he's developed a reputation as a celebrity who will respond to any and everyone about any and everything. The rapper was on Instagram Live, relaxing in a pool with his three-year-old daughter Heiress while reading through his fans' comments. One person apparently doesn't understand why there is so much hype around T.I. as an artist because according to them, he doesn't put out much music that should be applauded.

"It said 'T.I. had two good songs I won't lie'...hey, guess what, if 18 years later two good songs get your ass out here with this kinda lifestyle, you better get you two good songs then, buddy. You better start working on them two good songs," T.I. said as he laughed off the criticism. "Can't worry about the lies more than you worry about the truth. Never can do that."

After DJ Akademiks posted the Instagram Live clip on his page, Drizzy added his opinion by commenting, "I think he meant two many good songs." There isn't word on which two songs the semi-fan was referring to, but it could have been any of these chart-topping hits by the Atlanta rapper: "Whatever You Like," "No  Mediocre," "U Don't Know Me," "Dead And Gone" (featuring Justin Timberlake), "Big Things Poppin'," "Bring Em Out," "Live Your Life" (featuring Rihanna), "What's Up, What's Haaapnin'," "You Know What It Is," or any of the others that are known to get the party going. 

If you had to pick only two of T.I.'s best tracks, which would they be?