Despite the Grammys and platinum records, it still seems like T.I. has something to prove this many years deep into his career. For nearly 24 hours now, T.I. has been on social media demanding 50 Cent accept a face-off on Verzuz. For Tip, it's clearly deeper than just going against 50 Cent. He's trying to make a statement about the South's impact on hip-hop. However, things are getting messy on social media.

As T.I. called Fif to bring out Eminem and Dr. Dre, he's also calling out individual members of G-Unit. More precisely, Tony Yayo. Tip hopped on Live with comedian Kelly "K-Dubb" Walker where they discussed the Verzuz battle but K-Dubb explained a very awkward moment with Yayo at a comedy show. While the comedian does have a relationship with 50 Cent, even saying he was just with the G-Unit head honcho, he said that Yayo had once pressed him over a joke he told. K-Dubb d

"He made his business to weasel 'round to me about the joke," K-Dubb said, describing Tony Yayo as talking tough during the situation, before explaining the joke itself. "Last year, [50 Cent] said Vivica Fox licked his ass. And then he made a big thing about it and I came back and asked him about it. He said, 'Yeah.' And I asked the crowd, 'Anybody else get there ass licked?' And they said nothing. And the whole crowd start laughing," the comedian continued. T.I. erupted into uncontrollable laughter while seemingly wielding his phone around. 

"Tony Yayo didn't like the way I got down with but I guess he wanted me to me to bomb," he said.

"What's wrong wit @tonyyayo," Tip captioned the video before pushing for a Verzuz battle. "TI vs 50 @verzuztv My catalog doper than 50s & I ain't scared to say it‼️"

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TI vs 50 @verzuztv My catalog doper than 50s & I ain't scared to say it‼️

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