T.I. and Tiny have been seemingly working on their relationship, delaying their divorce several times. Tiny even posted a message that seemed to hint she was willing to stick with Tip for the long run. While they have no plans to bring back their reality TV show, the drama is clearly still happening behind closed doors.

According to a new report by Hollywood Life, Tiny and T.I. got into a big fight about "The Bobby Brown Story." The first section of the two-part biopic seemed to confirm that Brown had a romantic relationship with Janet Jackson at one point. Exploring another one of his romances over the years, the movie looks into his relationship with ex-girlfriend Kim Ward, who is played by Asia'h Epperson. You may recall a video being circulated of T.I. smacking a woman's behind a few months ago. Well, here's where the story gets interesting. The woman in the video was Asia'h Epperson and when Tip wanted to watch the film centered on Bobby Brown's life, Tiny reportedly stepped in and fought with him to prevent it. 

Hollywood Life claims that their exclusive sources say "Tiny does not want T.I. ever mentioning [Asia'h's] name again or even watching her on TV. T.I. does not take well to her telling him what he can or can’t do — it was a mess." It definitely doesn't sound like the two had a pleasant night. Of course, this should all be taken with a serious grain of salt.