Though T.I. has slowed down on the musical output of late, his contributions to greater hip-hop and cultural discourse continues to be lapped up with surprising fervor. Such loyal devotion has helped cement Tip as a bonafide voice of the people, and it isn't uncommon to see him speaking out on current events, particularly when they center around social or racial politics. While not quite as politically active as Tip, Tiny has no shortage of devotees as well; pair them together, and you've got an instant hit story. Perhaps that's why rumors of a "Family Hustle" reboot had fans marking their calendars.

Unfortunately, it was all in vain. Tip took to Instagram to deliver the "fake news" card, posting a screen-cap of a report from The Jasmine Brand, who dubbed news of the return as "exclusive." T.I. went on to clear the air on his IG page, writing "to whom it may concern... if it ain’t come from me or @majorgirl it ain’t real. Family Hustle On Ice until further notice.Thx." 

For all of you eagerly awaiting the return of all those Harris family antics, you might have to wait a little longer. Perhaps even forever. Only time will tell. Until then, stay tuned for either T.I. or Tiny to provide further clarification.