It seemed like everyone and their mommas were tuned into BET last night for Bobby Brown's biopic, The Bobby Brown Story. There's been a lot of hype surrounding biopic for a few months now and after people tuned in, it's clear that elements of Brown's life were shocking to a lot of people. The singer's been in the music industry for years and prior to even being with Whitney Houston, he allegedly had a fling with another R&B star.

During Bobby Brown's biopic, it was revealed that Janet Jackson and Brown had an intimate relationship at one point in the 80's. At one point, there's a sex scene in the biopic with their characters. However, the scene led to Bobby Brown kicking Jackson out of his hotel. The film also suggested that their relationship was incredibly complicated. Bobby Brown claimed that Janet Jackson's didn't want to their relationship to be public because his darker skin complexion. However, Brown alleged that it was a thing in the Jackson family. Although unclear, it seemed like Jackson was dating someone else during their relationship.

These claims aren't entirely new. Back in 2016, Bobby Brown opened up about his relationship with Janet Jackson in an interview with US Weekly. Additionally, he also spoke about it further in his 2016 book, Every Little Step: My Story. In the book, he said that she loved him but wasn't "in love" with him.

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