Though many things are facing delays in the wake of the growing COVID-19 pandemic, The Weeknd's new album is on pace to drop tonight. Fans have been waiting on this album for a while now and it appears that we'll finally be able to take in the project in its entirety tonight. After releasing the tracklist, many noticed that there weren't any features on it. A lot of artists try not to reveal who's on the project until it drops (think Astroworld) but it appears that's not the case with After Hours.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

TMZ spoke to The Weeknd who confirmed that it'll only be his voice you're hearing this evening on After Hours. In addition to that, the rapper also shared a statement regarding his decision to release this new album in the face of a global crisis, saying, "Let the music heal us all during these dark times." 

With fourteen tracks in total, perhaps the feature-less tracklist is an indication that he approached this project in a similar fashion to some of his earlier work. He's already released singles like "Blinding Lights," "Heartless" and the title track.

Peep the tracklist below.

1. “Alone Again”
2 “Too Late”
3. “Hardest to Love”
4. “Scared to Live”
5. “Snowchild”
6. “Escape from L.A.”
7. “Heartless”
8. “Faith”
9. “Blinding Lights”
10. “In Your Eyes”
11. “Save Your Tears”
12. “Repeat After Me (Interlude)”
13. “After Hours”
14. “Until I Bleed Out”