The Weeknd is a man of many talents. Although he broke through as an innovative R&B singer, he's gone on to venture into clothing, philanthropy, and comic books. Earlier this year, the Toronto singer teamed up with Marvel to create a new comic book, "Starboy" which took its title from his album of the same name. However, the Canadian singer is being accused of ripping off a comic book writer over "Starboy."

According to TMZ, The Weeknd is facing a new lawsuit from a comic book writer who says the singer lifted his concept for the "Starboy" comic book. Comic book writer Eymun Talasazan says he created a character called "Starboy" in 2015 and was in the process of building a "universe" surrounding the character. While it seems as if that could be a mere coincidence, Eymun says that he was in contact with The Weeknd's camp last year and they spoke about blending his character with The Weeknd's for Eymun's character's universe.

It should be noted that The Weeknd's album Starboy had already debuted at number one at this point, and the title track became a massive hit.

Despite contact with The Weeknd's team, Eymun says their plans to work together never came into fruition, but he did get "Starboy" trademarked in 2017.

Eymun claims The Weeknd's comic book is based on essentially the same premise as the one he pitched to the singer's camp in 2017. The writer says he was working with Stan Lee (R.I.P) in 2016 on the comic book.

Eymun is suing The Weeknd for copyright infringement.