If you got word that The Real hosts were in some sort of argument over each of their salaries and coming in competition with each other we're here to tell you it's all fake. The four women who lead the Emmy Award-winning show -  Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry - dedicated a segment of one of their recent episodes to clear the rumors up themselves. 

“What I love about our unit is we immediately got on the chain and left each other voicemails and video messages,” Jeannie said, discussing their immediate moves after seeing the fake headlines. “Like ‘You good?!’ 

Others on the show added in their two cents on the matter detailing how there's no beef or disputes going on behind the scenes. 

"I wanna give a special message to The Real fam out there, I know you're sitting on your couch and you're watching this," Jeannie added. "Every single person who knows the show and knows us - especially all of you who make your way coming here season after season," she added pointing to the audience. "You know what's real and I see you when you clap back at other people who are making up nonsense and you stand up for us. Thank you for being that person."