The Game has been in the game for a minute, coming up in the early 2000's and remaining one of the top figures in West Coast rap. Without talent, nobody would make it in music, so Game definitely has that to attribute his success to, however, he recognized his fans and supporters as the number one source for his prosperity. The Los Angeles rapper went on Instagram to share the first photo he opened this morning upon his awakening: a photo of a fan with a gigantic "The Game" tattoo on his head. 

Game proceeded to share that he never believe in a million years that he would achieve the levels of success that he's seen. The pure fact that people care about him, and his music, so much that they would permanently ink his face, his name or his lyrics on their bodies amazes him every time he comes across it. The rapper's message is emotive and heartwarming, thanking all of his fans for their continued support, promising to show them the same love and loyalty that they have given him.

The fan pictured in the image that The Game included in the post got some fresh ink on the side of his cranium, proudly showcasing the rapper's logo for all to see. Check out Game's post below and read his full caption, where he writes a touching tribute to all those that have supported him.