The Game is demanding respect for his impeccable dancing skills. While he hasn't necessarily shown us his skills to the extent that Chris Brown has, he's looking to finally flaunt his skills and he wants to go up against Breezy in a challenge to prove, once and for all, that he's the greatest dancer on the planet. He's going to need a little bit of help though as he revealed he only gets down when the 1942 tequila shots kick into his system.

Hitting Instagram today, Game shared a video of a dance class getting down to Drake's latest hit, "In My Feelings," implying that he can outshine any member of the choreography squad. Saying that he can dance just as well as anybody "when the 1942 shots kick in," the West Coast artist may have gotten a little ahead of himself by challenging Chris Brown to a dance-off in his caption.

Using a few hashtags to show just how serious he is, he demanded that "#YallGonePutRespekOnMy2Step" and asserted, "#iGotFuckinMovesB." Tagging Breezy in the post, Game gave him an early warning letting him know that when he sees him, "it's war." 

With Chris Brown currently headlining his HBOAFM Tour, it will be difficult to organize this challenge in the near future unless they happen to link up in the same city. We have to admit, this would be awesome to see on stage during one of his shows. Brown is hitting Anaheim in just a few days. Maybe Game will make the short drive down from L.A. and get this going?