Chris Brown is an artist of many talents. An amazing singer who can also rap, Chris' vocal range and flow is impressive. An actor and visual artist, Breezy has shared his paintings on Instagram with much of it being derived from his fascination with superheroes. In the past, the singer has been compared to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, for his performance skills, always putting on a good show for his fans. His dancing ability has been perfectly honed and while he may not particularly rival MJ, he gets closer through every performance. Remaining relevant for over a decade, Brown has officially embarked on his Heartbreak on a Full Moon Tour, wowing his diehard fans with every note and move he makes. Showing off some of his insane skills, the artist posted a video on Instagram of the latest stop.

Somewhat contorting his body, Chris' popping concludes as he sinks to the floor and immediately performs a kip-up, leading the crowd to erupt in applause. Such is the mood at most Breezy concerts as he continuously finds ways to outdo himself. Despite being one of the most despised singers in America, there is no denying his talent at this stage.

Chris has been sharing many moments from his tour so if you're interested in seeing more, check out his page on Instagram.