Boosie Badazz is known for being a beloved troublemaker. Long before the incarceration of Gucci Mane, people were yelling out "Free Boosie." Entering the pen in 2009, the Baton Rouge bad boy served five years in prison, and was released in March of last year. In October 2014, he dropped his comeback mixtape Life After Deathrow to wide acclaim. Now, with all eyes on him, Boosie has released Touch Down 2 Cause Hell, his sixth studio album. 19 tracks long, the album is stacked with boastful punchlines and lifelike storytelling detailing his wildest days behind bars. Not every single record on the album screams "badazz," Boosie is sure to offer variety in the lengthy tracklist. However, honing in on his most street-oriented records, we picked out 10 of the most badazz lyrics from Boosie B.