Teyana Taylor is currently headlining her own tour. Named after her second album K.T.S.E, the tour has seen Taylor perform sold out shows across the United States, demonstrating her vocal abilities and talents as a dancer. Taylor had initially begun touring with fellow musician Jeremih on his "Later That Night" Tour but has since replaced him as the headliner following his alleged mistreatment. “I’ve been extremely mistreated on this tour so on that note I will NO longer continue to stay on the #LaterThatNightTour because if I do ima end up knocking [Jeremih] out,” she wrote.

Teyana's solo endeavors have proven to be just a successful, if not more successful than anticipated with audiences sharing rave reviews, and entertaining clips of Taylor's performances. As many artists have done in the past, Teyana has developed a few performance traditions, with one of the more popular ones being a lapdance. Taylor often pulls female audience members on stage, Basketball Wives alum Draya Michelle included, and puts on an impressive performance, with each member of her crew onstage contributing to the highly charged and sensual feel.

In one of the latest clips from the show, Taylor can be seen pulling Joe Budden's partner, and the mother of his son Lexington, on stage. Both women appear to thoroughly enjoying the moment - watch the clip below.