Teyana Taylor has been serving all kinds of feminine awesomeness during her headlining tour. The snippets she shares of her show pack a lot of intensity. The latest upload serves a unique appeal as it features Draya Michele.

The actress was pulled onstage and sat pretty as part of Taylor's performance. Michele hardly moves in the clip. She only tilts her head back slowly when Taylor comes up behind her chair and massages her chest. The crowd understandably went nuts during the whole scene. Taylor's dancers also contributed to the set's sexual energy, with a flexible approach to their dance routine.

After a bunch of exclamations in her post's caption, the singer said the moment was so hot that she "almost doubled back & restarted the song." Of course, the pro that she is kept the show going.

Teyana has been hit with sickness recently but continues to put on masterful shows during her tour. This latest clip is only a sliver of proof for those who have yet to witness the performer do her thing live. It's no wonder why she was able to bag the whole headline from Jeremih. Despite his undeniable talent, the homie simply can't compete with this kind of fine.