Tekashi 6ix9ine is the biggest heat magnet in the music industry right now. Controversy surrounds him everywhere he goes. It doesn't help that he has a penchant for angering rival gang members and even members of his own supposed gang, the Bloods. The Game called out 6ix9ine on Instagram, calling the rainbow-haired rapper a fake Blood. He has already proven to have issues in Los Angeles, as well as most areas of Texas with San Antonio's Tango Orejon gang after him and J Prince Jr.'s crew in Houston not impressed by his antics. Now, Tek's manager has gotten involved in his ongoing beefs, going at Prince Jr. and The Game.

In an Instagram live-stream, Tekashi's manager Tr3yway calls out J Prince Jr. for not accomplishing anything other than being J Prince's son. He also weighs in on how his client's name is in everyone's mouth, saying "He got the best protection in the world. Tr3yway n---a. And if y'all n---as try him, if somebody touch him, it's on your momma." Game's manager Wack100 caught wind of the threats and recorded a video of his own. He began by disrespecting 6ix9ine's family, taking things one step further than rap. Wack100 dared Tr3yway to send 6ix9ine back to Los Angeles.

In another live-stream, Tr3yway lunged back at Wack100, saying he has to get his bag up before he speaks about him. As the beef develops, we will continue to keep an eye on Tekashi and The Game for any further updates. Check out the videos below.