TMZ captured wild footage of Tekashi69 getting in on a fight on his way in to LAX. Tekashi and his crew were heckled by a man who appears to have gotten out of his car at the airport. Words were exchanged, but before the rapper could get into any trouble, his boy walks him into the terminal. That was when the man took off his jacket and engaged Tekashi's crew yelling, "who wants a piece of me?" After getting in the faces of the crew, one of Tekashi's friends throws the first punch and havoc ensues.

The agitated man is joined by a friend from the car, and the two of the combat Tekashi's squad for a flurry of punches. The fight sprawls out on the street, with the fighters navigating around cars. At this point, security is no where to be found. With no clear winner in sight, the men part, returning to their car and airport respectively. The cameraman also captured footage of Tekashi's squad getting interviewed by police, concluding with the rapper walking by and asking, "you got it right there?"

The fight appears to be related to the rapper's recent talk of gang affiliation, judging by the attacker repeating, "whole lotta gang shit." As Tekashi has been doing a lot of travelling, the hip hop community is wondering if rival gang members would be provoked.

[via TMZ]