And the Tekashi 6ix9ine drama continues... The rapper has been constantly in the news for gang drama getting in the way of his music with recent threats against him made by prominent L.A. gang members about his performances during NBA All-Star Weekend. Now, 6ix9ine is under fire regarding an upcoming performance in San Antonio, Texas, tomorrow. Tekashi is set to perform at Bar 23 in San Antonio on Thursday night, but he won't be there if Texas gang Tango Orejon has any say in the matter. 

The venue has already ramped up their security measures in anticipation of Tekashi's arrival, but there is still a major fear that the rapper will get jumped, or worse. The gang made a statement directly to local news station KSAT, threatening 6ix9ine by saying, If you come to Bar 23 this week, you’re getting f--ked up.” The extent of their threat is unclear and, while it doesn't stem directly from Tekashi's comments that he does not need to check in with rival gangs, the gang is more worried about the rapper's involvement in a sex crime against a minor. 

One member of the Tango Orejon, Adam Rodriguez, claims that the crew is concerned that Tekashi is influencing local youths in a negative fashion and he says that he cannot speak on what will happen to the rapper if he shows up in San Antonio. KSAT reports that Tango Orejon is part of the most active and dangerous gang network in Texas but Tekashi doesn't seem worried, consistently plugging his debut tape on Instagram and other networks. He may need to pull up with extra shooters if the threats are legit.