This past weekend Tekashi 6ix9ine was a victim of a brutal attack that left him pistol-whipped, kidnapped and robbed of close to a million dollars in jewelry. Thankfully police have gotten their hands on surveillance footage from outside the rapper's home that matches details of Tek's story to try and nab the men that did the crime. The 22-year-old hopped on a live feed with TMZ to detail his story more and explain that the assault was by no means a set up for more publicity surrounding his latest Nicki Minaj featured track, "FEFE." 

Tek tells the crew that he was headed home from a video shoot when his vehicle got hit by a car from behind. The gunman and driver hopped out of the car and approached Tek, and after getting pistol-whipped he says he "blacked out."

"All I saw was the gun in my face and when I woke up I was in the back seat of the car," he says in the video below. He further explains how he had nothing of value on him and he pleaded with the men to let him free and see his daughter "for another day." He offered to give the men his personal belongings at home and before he knew it they were at the front of his house. 

"Somebody must have told them where I live, or they followed me or were watching me. So it was like an inside job," he adds. He explains that he wouldn't be setting up a publicity stunt, even though he's the "boy who cried wolf"

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