Last summer, Tay-K was charged with an additional felony after he somehow smuggled a cell phone into jail. The rapper posted a photo of himself on Instagram, causing many of his fans to become confused over how (and why) he would do that. After all, sharing the photo was pretty much snitching on himself... Anywho, Tay-K made another recent appearance on social media as one of his friends hosted him for an Instagram Live session. The man filmed the artist from behind a screen and it appears as though Tay may be up on the hottest trends in the industry.

Right now, everybody is going crazy over Blueface. You either love him or you don't understand him because half of the time, he's rapping off beat. A few of his songs have picked up major traction and apparently, "Deadlocs" found its way to Tay-K's ears and he's feeling it. The rapper made a gun motion with his hands before saying "On a deadlocs," seemingly extending his co-sign to the Los Angeles product. He might also just respect Blueface's cryppin'. 

It's not every day that we get news about Tay-K. The young rapper has been locked up for a while and updates in his case have been scarce. A few of his associates have been handed harsh sentences for their role in the murder that Tay is accused of committing though, which doesn't exactly paint a bright picture for his future.