Tay-K associate, PimpyZ, is set to serve a long sentence in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of aggravated robbery in the home invasion. These crimes led to a shooting that caused Ethan Walker's death and Zachary Beloate's injury. PimpZ, whose real name is Jalen Bell, took a plea deal accepting to spend 30 years behind bars, according to Star-Telegram.

When the sentence was read aloud in court, Bell remained emotionless while his mother broke out in wails. Walker's mother, Roberta Walker, addressed the guilty young man, telling him she wished he would show remorse for his part in the murder: "You had the power to stop it at any time. You could have cut it off at the path."

The 19-year old, along with Tay-K, are among 5 other defendants in the robbery/murder case. Legal authorities believe Walker, a weed dealer of not grand status, was set up to be robbed by the crew and was ultimately shot and killed. The man who is said to have pulled the trigger, Latharian Merritt, was found guilty of capital murder by a jury in May and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Tay-K still awaits his trial for his role in the murder. He is also facing legal issues for his alleged robbery and killing of a San Antonio man while on the run.