Tay-K may not ever be able to experience his own success first hand. He's been behind bars when his single, "The Race" took off which became popular due to his incarceration. However, he was ultimately found guilty of his role in a 2016 home invasion that left one man dead. A judge officially sentenced him to 55-years behind bars but he's still keeping in touch with his fans, somehow. 


A tweet was sent from Tay-K's account yesterday asking fans to send him money for his books. Many people were confused as to why he would be crowdsourcing money for his books but he took to Twitter to clear the air. "idk why tf that was tweeted on my twitter i don’t need money do y’all need some money?" He wrote. "me bein broke don’t make no sense," he added. Even though he doesn't expect people to send him money, he did invite fans to write him letters if they want to.


Tay-K might be seeing the inside of a cell for decades to come but his legal issues aren't done yet. The rapper is still awaiting trial for a capital murder case in connection to a fatal shooting of a 23-year-old photographer at a Chick-Fil-A in San Antonio. Prosecutors are now trying to have him stand trial as an adult even though he was only 16-years-old when the incident went down. We'll have to see how this turns out for him but needless to say, we won't see Tay-K on the outside for a long time.