Taymor McIntyre, professionally known as Tay-K, found his name back in the headlines this year when his murder trial kicked off this summer. After all that's been said about the young rapper, we were expecting him to get locked up for a long time. He had previously entered a guilty plea for aggravated robbery but as for his murder charge, he vehemently denied it every chance he got. When he was handed down a fifty-five-year prison sentence, his fans reacted quickly online. People were either overjoyed that he would be behind bars for such a long time or they were upset that we wouldn't be hearing any new music from him. If you're still on his side though, we've got good news. You can send him books, photos, letters, and even money. His team sent out a tweet with all the information you need.


If you've been trying to find information on how you can support Tay-K for the next fifty-five years, the answer has just been provided to you by his management. Currently serving time in San Antonio, Texas, the superstar is asking for all mail to be sent to Bexar County Adult Detention Center. Tay is specifically asking for money to be added to his books. Perhaps he's run out of funds. His only major hit was "The Race" and even though it's still streaming hard, that money is bound to stop eventually. Help from the fans is sure to hold him over for a bit.

Would you send money to Tay-K?