Taxstone is the latest to reveal 50 Cent "snitch" allegations, this time by way of N.O.R.E. This isn't the first time somebody has tried to tear down 50 Cent's platform by referring to the man as a "snitch." In one of the rapper's most recent feuds, French Montana actually unveiled paperwork that allegedly places Fiddy in government informant territory, exposing him for leaking information to the feds in ongoing criminal cases. Although those rumblings have been relevant within the hip-hop community for years upon years, 50 Cent refuses to allow any type of slander on his character, striking back with the force of a tank and continually ending up on top of his opponents. During a recent podcast appearance from behind bars with Ben Baller, Taxstone spoke about how he was advised not to invite 50 Cent onto his own podcast because of his "snitch" reputation, noting that a conversation with N.O.R.E left him confused about the situation.

"I remember me and NORE had a conversation and I was telling him how 50 Cent was one of my favorite rappers," says Tax during his rare audio appearance. NORE allegedly agreed that Fif was one of the greatest to do it, but he also explained why Tax would never want to interview the man. 

"He was like, 'Yeah, I ain't gonna lie, 50 always was hard,' but he was like 'Yo I'ma tell you why you would've never wanted to interview 50.' So I was like, 'Why?' He was like, 'Yo, 'cause that n***a 50 really is a snitch.' So I was like, 'he a snitch?' I ain't never seen no paperwork on him. I'm from East New York and we don't come from a culture of promoting that type of shit without paperwork. The only way you can promote something like that without paperwork is if somebody's on camera doing it. So I was confused because I'm like, what the fuck like, why the fuck would he have 50 on Drink Champs if he just said that 50 was a snitch."

Taxstone gets into some pretty engaging topics during the podcast. Check out this bit below.