When French Montana showed off his car on the internet, he likely wasn't expecting to enter into a full-blown feud against one of the hip-hop industry's most notorious trolls. Having just purchased a brand new Bugatti for himself over the holiday season, 50 Cent was looking around on social media when he noticed one of his fellow New York rappers flexing a similar whip. Only, he knew that French Montana was capping about his vehicle. Kicking off a Bugatti-based beef, Fiddy accused French of keeping a multi-year lease on the car, which is also a decade old. Last week, Montana hit back by sharing a video where Celina Powell throws Fif under the bus for his alleged freaky side in the bedroom. Now, the Coke Boys artist is continuing with official paperwork that seems to prove his newfound rival is a snitch.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

"WHERE IM FROM IT DOESNT GET NO WORSE THAN THIS... A REAL LIFE RAT," wrote French Montana on Instagram, sharing a video of some government-issued paperwork that names Curtis Jackson, professionally known as 50 Cent, as an informant. "WOWWWW 59 IS A GOVERNMENT INFORMANT AND HERE’s THE PAPER WORK TO PROVE IT.  I SWEAR THIS IS MY LAST POST .... THIS BEEF IS OVER."

In the video, Jackson's name is highlighted with all the relevant information being placed above. This isn't the first time that French Montana, or anybody else, has accused Fiddy of snitching to the feds. Do you think this will impact the rapper in any way though?