Planning a surprise party for somebody is a pretty difficult task. You've got to actually think of a fake alternative event to bring them so that they don't catch on to your plans. When you're famous and have tons of shit to do on a daily basis, it can be a little bit easier to shock one of your friends with an unexpected party. Takeoff turned twenty-five this week and his partners in the Migos wanted to make sure he enjoyed a night to remember. They organized a dope gettogether with sweet and sugary drinks, dancing, and lots of fun. However, it doesn't appear that Takeoff was actually surprised when he walked into the spot.

If you ask the 25-year-old, he'll tell you that he was fooled but from the look on his face, he didn't really care much for a party. Takeoff is well-known for his emotionless demeanour but you would think that maybe he'd crack a smile for his surprise party. Nope... Take just continued walking in as if nothing happened. "Don’t Ask Why I’m Looking Like That Either Yes They Got Me," claims the rapper, realizing that he doesn't necessarily look too enthused. "I Thought I Was Walking Into @bet Rehearsal For My Bday 😑 With No Knowledge Of Anything So I Present To You #MyDrankFactory."

With BET Experience taking place this weekend, it would have made sense for Takeoff to pull up to rehearsal. The Drank Factory was probably better, though. Peep his reaction to the surprise below.

In other Migos-related news, the group has just returned with a brand new single called "Stripper Bowl." Listen to that here.