In an interview with VladTV, T-Pain sat down and talked about the disparity between the emergence of "gay-friendly" acts in Hip-Hop, directly citing Frank Ocean and Macklemore, and his perception of Urban Music's reluctance to accomodate the LGBT community. Of this, T-Pain commented, saying:

"I think the Radio is getting gay-friendly, I don't think urban music, or anything, is. If that was the case, Frank Ocean would be on a lot more songs," he says with Vlad TV. "I know [people] that will not do a song with Frank Ocean just because he's gay. And that's so terrible to me." 

Of course, he still puts in his two cents concerning Ray J and Kim Kardashian, so there's that. What do you think of T-Pain's comments? Sincere or publicity stunt?

Check out the full interview in the video below.