Naming a song after a movie star is a sure-fire way of making a new friend. Back in the summer of 2017, SZA released her track "Drew Barrymore." That year, SZA explained why she named her song after the actress. "[It's] about being at that (crappy) house party and seeing girls who have very nice hair and new clothes and sweep the guys you wish were compatible with off their feet," the singer told USA Today in 2017. "I started thinking about every movie that you see Drew in, all her roles are this amazing, kind girl who is misunderstood, but just wants to be loved."

SZA Drew Barrymore
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, the pair stuck up a friendship that has lasted for some time. Fast-forward to yesterday when Drew shared a throwback photo on Instagram. The film star wrote a lengthy caption to accompany the image that showed her on a trip to Hawaii back in 1993. She wrote about the mishaps that occurred during her vacation, but she was still fresh-faced and smiling as the rays of the sun shone on her face. SZA couldn't help but drop off a few compliments to the actress.

“U look like this now and I miss u and ur perfect and I always want u to know it 😔🙏🏾💜," SZA penned to her friend in the comments. Check out Drew's post and the music video for SZA's song "Drew Barrymore" below.