SZA has been very open about her struggles and has done her best to help heal herself and the world. She recently took to social media to tell her fans to be easy on each other in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. She reminds fans that not everyone copes in the same way, and that joking might be the best way for some of us to get through the days. "Focus on urself. Deadass", she concludes.

Light-hearted and fun, SZA has always brought a good energy to her fans, interviews, and her music. We are still awaiting the follow up to 2016's Ctrl, but even without dropping new music, SZA's impact is felt. 

SZA has been coping with a lot but is still trying to be there for her fans. Even though the pandemic is weighing heavy on her and her family, she's making it a point to help people feel comfortable in their coping mechanisms. "Stop judging people for not being like you," is something we never thought we had to be re-taught, but in times like this, we needed the reminder. 

SZA stated recently that she would be avoiding media for the rest of her career and even received flack for it, however, since making that decision, SZA been has been more open and vulnerable than ever before. 

What are your thoughts on her tweet?