After weighing in on Future and Eliza Reign's legal issues, Summer Walker is facing the wrath of London On Da Track's exes. There have been rumors in the media regarding producer London On Da Track facing off in and out of court with the mothers of his children, and some of the women have verbally sparred with Summer online. On Friday (September 4), Summer Walker addressed the reports that Eliza Reign was asking for tens of thousands of dollars in child support. "SHE WANTS 53 THOUSAND A MONTH. WOMEN LIKE THIS ARE SO DISGUSTING AND SAD. I FEEL SO BAD FOR THIS MAN. WHERE DO Y’ALL EVEN FIND THESE TYPE OF WOMEN?”

Summer Walker, Eliza Reign, Baby Mamas, Erica Racine, London On Da Track
Randy Shropshire / Stringer / Getty Images

Later, Eliza responded with a barrage of messages and insults. Then, Summer received a few words from the mothers of London On Da Track's children. "I'm so tried of Summer Walker using her voice outside of a motherf*ckin song," said Erica Racine. "If you don't have kids don't speak on the subject. If someboy asks about what note to sing in or how to clean a toilet, it's your time to shine... but kids. Nah."

Summer responded, "Ericaracine Here comes the clout chaser, who was even talking to you? you dont even have your kid so why are you speaking on being a mother? Unfit & you know that. anyway what does a child need for 53k a month ? It’s just so weird how everyone and they mama can have an opinion but me due to my occupation, dehumanizing. Anyway I’ll leave it at that."

Another one of London's exes added, "The b*tch Summer Walker sits her idiot ass on IG all day w my bum ass baby daddy knowing f*ckin well he don't give a f*ck ab his 3 kids periodd. Then always got the nerve to speak on sh*t she should be ashamed of. B*tch at least keep that sh*t off the internet. Dumb b*tch." Meanwhile, London On Da Track hasn't said a peep. Check out the messages and watch the video clips below.