Future’s often in the fray with one of his exes. This time, the conflict is spilling over into foreign territory. The primary conflict is that between Future and Eliza Reign Seraphin, the mother of his one-year-old daughter, Reign.

After the couple’s split, Seraphin retained custody of Reign. However, she remains in pursuit of what she considered to be adequate child support payments from Future. She is cited as having requested a total of $53,000 per month, a number which jumped out to even the likes of rising R&B star, Summer Walker.

She expressed her disdain at the hefty figure on Instagram under her alternate account name @galactawhore, writing, “SHE WANTS 53 THOUSAND A MONTH. WOMEN LIKE THIS ARE SO DISGUSTING AND SAD. I FEEL SO BAD FOR THIS MAN. WHERE DO Y’ALL EVEN FIND THESE TYPE OF WOMEN?”

Walker, who is neither a frequent collaborator nor a romantic partner of Future’s, received swift and pointed blowback from Seraphin, who responded with a comparably personal note.

She went so far as to cite alleged conflicts between Walker and London On Da Track, who denied paternity of Walker’s one-year-old child, only to be proven wrong by a DNA test. Seraphin wrote, 

“First of all, galacta whore. Nice music, but where's your brain at? I don't even like going back and forth with black women during times like these, but how are you speaking on a situation like mine when your man is doing the same if not worse than the person I’m battling in court.”

Elsewhere she wrote, "And no, I'm not explaining myself to the girl who say she don't bath."

And in another post:

"Imagine being a black woman. With a big platform. Built on music that is mostly celebrated by black women. Using your voice to bash another black woman based on fake news. Instead of speaking up for black women who are forced into situations like mine by black men who are never held accountable..."

Check out her full posts below.