Summer Walker is currently limiting her social media feeds to include solely temporary posts, deleting all of her permanent uploads after catching major heat for sharing a coronavirus-related video that was deemed unfactual. The rising R&B star is constantly being scrutinized in the media, recently being picked apart for allegedly getting her nose touched up. At this point, you would actively need to stop checking entertainment news if you didn't want to hear about Summer so, for her to believe that somebody as relevant as Shaquille O'Neal wouldn't know who she is is pretty humourous.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Summer Walker revelled in the fact that Shaq not only knows who she is, but that he also reached out to her. 

Summer Walker Shaq
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"Wow Shaq hit me lol," wrote the singer. "Didn't even know he knew I existed."

The extent of their conversation was not detailed, but we can only imagine that music played a part in their talk. Summer also failed to divulge where they spoke. Was it over the phone? Through direct messages? Carrier pigeon? Inquiring minds want to know!

The Over It artist has alleged that she will not be releasing any new music after this year, claiming that her retirement is incoming. Do you think she'll be able to snag that coveted Shaq feature before she goes away forever?