They say the righteous die before their time. In reality, nothing of consequence ever gets said in the direct aftermath of a rapper's death. For example, the crux behind Nipsey Hussle's death doesn't lie in his symbolic power, but the personal relationships that lie beneath the seams.

Larry French/Getty Images

The latest of Nipsey's rapper peers to come bearing a feel-good anecdote is none other than Styles P of The Lox. Several hours ago, the Green Ghost incarnate posted the transcript of a text message exchange he shared with the deceased rapper. Moments like this give the general fan insight as to how closely knit the recording industry behind closed doors.

In view of their respective character builds, Styles and Nips shared enough commonalities to make their friendship a certain air of plausibility. Turns out they were, in fact, each other's keeper in a very communicable way: as the fallback agenda to each other's Coast-to-Coast travels.

"I had to post this convo between nipseyhussle the great and myself to show his class and authenticity," Styles P opens his account by stating. "And to show homies you can’t be scared to tell real ones you love them and what they stand for while they are here!"

Styles P closed the caption off by insinuating that Nipsey exchanges existed but he preferred to limit his audience to a single offering. Styles' tribute to a "young king," as he affectionately labeled Nips, comes on the heels of a two-day seance hosted by Dave East in New York, New York.