Stevie J may have just revealed that he and wife Faith Evans have gone their separate ways through a series of tweets he made on Saturday night, all of which he has since deleted. Stevie first tweeted: "Found of that NO woman is faithful. Knew that & it’s a blessing to know," followed by, "Wanna show the world what being a stand up guy will get you." While these tweets definitely give off the impression he has recently been burned by a woman, his next two tweets imply even more strongly that he is referring to his wife. "12 days of Xmas I sent her 5k a day," he noted, ending the cryptic collection of tweets with, "Trust no b*tch."

This is not the first time Stevie has tweeted something vague that led speculators to believe that he and Faith had thrown in the towel. Though the couple denied those breakup rumours from earlier this year, Faith revealed last month that she did initially break up with Stevie when they first started dating because he supposedly wasn't ready for a relationship back then. This news would surprise very few, as Stevie was notorious for his player antics on Love & Hip Hop and his tumultuous relationships with Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust. It came as a shock when Stevie retired from this lifestyle and settled down with Faith. Though he did eventually delete these recent tweets, possibly indicating that he realized they were misleading or that he and Faith patched things up, they seem to indicate that things are not going so smoothly.