Mac Miller spewed plenty of wisdom throughout his lifetime, and on the GO:OD AM standout cut "Ascension," he said, "I saw a mountain across the horizon, and I got there and realized it was just a pile of rocks."

Mac’s precautionary tale of thinking that something is more exciting or worthwhile than it actually is was hilariously flipped on its head for a few Texas police officers earlier this week. In a now-viral video, three police officers are seen chasing a man up a hill by a highway ramp, and the officers and the suspect all quickly realized that the hill was bigger and more demanding than they initially thought.

What started off as a fast-paced on-foot pursuit quickly devolved into a slow-speed chase as all three of the officers got so winded from running up the hill that they took a break mid-chase. After noticing that the officers following him had resorted to a half-hearted walk, even the suspect started walking as well.

With enough distance behind him, the suspect easily makes his way onto the highway, but unfortunately, the video cuts off as soon as he does. No further details are currently available as to whether the suspect was able to successfully get away or not, but given people's tendency to capitalize on viral moments, more information should be coming soon.