We could easily count at least 10 rappers whose success came from the streaming platform that is SoundCloud. Posting tracks, mixtapes, and albums that get shared and listened to people all over the world is what has landed so many artists with the lifestyles they once dreamed of.

SoundCloud was created in 2007 and since then the music streaming world has changed immensely with the platform having to compete against Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and more. Last year the platform was seemingly fighting to stay relevant but since Kerry Trainor has taken over as CEO the platform is doing better than ever. 

Financial Times reports that SoundCloud has now passed $100 million in revenue and Kerry tells the publication that it “has never been healthier financially."

For those who are still active on the platform both as a listener and creator, you'll notice how SoundCloud has marketed more towards the creators rather than pushing it's SoundCloud Go to be more like Spotify. SoundCloud offers specific tools for podcasters and artists that cost around $70 to $100 a year.

“Artists were always SoundCloud’s core value, and that is how we need to measure its success," Kerry said. "How many people are starting their careers on SoundCloud?  What SoundCloud needs to prove is it can be the most-used stepping stone between obscurity and stardom.”

Last year when the fears of the platform disappearing was at its peak, Chance The Rapper and Russ tweeted their involvement in doing whatever they could to make sure it was here to stay.